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Need an alternative to your current end mill?

Posted by D.P. on

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There are many reasons why we need to get carbide end mills similar to the once we currently use. Some times our main supplier runs out of stock and we haven’t been able to find the exact same tool with another distributor. Other times we are pressured to reduce cost on our consumables and we want to search for an alternative. Whatever the reason for looking for similar end mill, it’ll be important to take into account the following points when starting your search.

If the main reason you’re looking for an alternative is availability or lead time, the first thing recommended is to come to an agreement with your distributor/supplier to have stock on the end mill you need. For your supplier to have a better grasp of your needs, you’ll need to provide the consumption of the end mills you need. If they don’t offer this service, you can search for another supplier that can give you the same tool you need and give you service with stock.

If you’re looking for a better price, you could request a quote for the same product to different suppliers. Usually you’ll get a better price but the savings will be very limited, since the cost and pricing strategy are mostly the same for all suppliers.

If you’re looking for substantial cost savings or high impact performance it will be important to find a substitute for your end mills, for something similar. Between different cutting tool suppliers there can be a good price difference. To be sure that you’re getting a correct tool quote, you’ll need to include the following product specifications:

Quantity: A lot of manufacturers have aggressive price discounts based on volume. Don’t be surprised saving up to %25 if you request a quote for 100 pieces instead of 3.

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Cutting diameter (A): It’s the cutters diameter.

Cutting Length (C): The length of the cutting flutes

End Geometry: Square, Ball Nose, Corner Radius, etc.

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In the case of Corner Radius end mills, include radius measurements.

Overall Length (D).

Number of Flutes.

Material to you’ll be cutting.

If you want Coating or not.

Objective: Here you’ll specify what your priority is: An urgency to cover a problem, immediate availability in the future, better price, and better performance of your current end mill.

If you take into account the above points not only helps your supplier find the right tool, but also allows you to more easily achieve your goals.