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The different kind of drill bits according on the type of industry

Posted by D.P. on

It is important to have the safest and most efficient drill bits for your work. This is applicable to the aerospace, automotive or machine shops. If you do not use the appropriate bits, you’ll be reducing your productivity and you’ll hardly guarantee a quality product.

Next up, we’ll show you the styles for the different industries.


The drill bits for this industry are made of high quality steel. They can be used in manual or bench drills, in both parts factories and aircraft repair shops. The industry expects to have drill designs that are high performance and cost optimized.

  • “Jobber Length Aircraft” drill bits. Types A, B, J and D made with NAS 907 specs. They are straight shank and are suitable for many applications in the aerospace industry.
  • “Screw Machine Length Aircraft” drill bits available in type C HSS and type F Cobalt, these bits are particularly useful in hand rills when stiffer bits are required.
  • 6” and 12” Extension drill bits. These are used to reach locations where access is difficult to drill.
  • Special bits. These kinds of bits are used to produce the countersinks or counter bores to place screws and other fasteners.


In addition to the standard jobber bits, carbide threading taps are also used. These taps are made of ultrafine carbide bonded with cobalt and help harden the edges of the taps to allow it to work on harder metals. Some construction machinery manufacturer also use specialized bits and taps to work on heavy machinery structures and bases.


Machining workshops have a wide variety of needs that change depending on what they want to manufacture. However, the bits used are mainly:

  • “Taper Shank” drill bits. These tapered shank bits are designed for general use in a wide variety of materials. Most applications are in large and long diameter holes. It is critical that the flutes of the drill expel the chips to have an efficient cut. Being High Speed Steel (HSS), these bits can be used in both carbon and non-ferrous steel.
  • Cobalt drill bits. These are used to produce holes in abrasive and resistant materials such as stainless steel, tempered steel and high temperature alloys.