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Hoist Rings

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Lifting or hoist rings are heavy duty instruments used to lift or lower various loads and machine assemblies. They connect the crane to the load you want to move. Various types of rings include the standard low-profile, which attaches directly to a mounting surface with socket head screws, the swivel, capable of 180-degree pivot and 360-degree rotation, and lifting pins. The type of ring and the required capacity depends on many factors such as the weight, size and material of the load. All Carr Lane's rings meet or exceed a 5:1 factor of safety and most meet or exceed ASTM B30.26.

Carr Lane offers a wide selection of lifting rings, including swivel rings that rotate 360 degrees that allow lifting from any direction, and a great variety of accessories for rings including forged rings, round and square road plates, clips and welded threaded inserts. Lift up to 15,000 lbs! 

Explore Carr Lane's full lift ring catalog in our store!

Have you ever used automatically adjusting toggle clamps?

CHARACTERISTICS:It adjusts automatically according to the thickness of the work piece. Clamped with the same repeatable force anywhere within its ½” automatic adjustment range. Ideal for workpieces for various sizes of parts from the same family or any other application in which the size of the workpiece can vary. It enters the same space and provides the same clamping force [...]

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Get to know Carr-Lane's Locking Clamping Pins

Locking Clamping Pins are similar to standard Clamping Pins, except that the pin body is positively retained in a locking bushing. In fully retracted position, the bushing's spring clip snaps into the pin's radial groove. This holds the pin fully retracted by spring force and positively prevents removal. Spring pressure also holds the pin in [...]

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Modular Fixture Systems

Modular FixturesModular fixtures are ideal for temporary fastening. You can use all of the modular components for occasional jobs, or short runs or prototypes. It is also used for testing fixtures to see if they’ll have an adequate performance of the design.The components are available in standard and heavy sizes. The plates and blocks have holes at regular distances. You can use [...]

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What are Ball Plungers used for?

Ball plungers have various applications in fixtures and fastening. There are plungers that can be held without applying great pressure. This allows you to install them in drilled holes without requiring too much precision in the drilling. This type of plungers have a tolerance of up to .008” (0.20mm).Among its applications: Position: On the one hand you have the ball plunger and [...]

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